"Who  Is  Hope Syndreamz?"


       Isreba Wheeler aka Hope Syndreamz is a former Amtrak Coach Attendant / Slumber and Sleeping Car Attendant / Number 1 Dining Room Waitress / Sunnyside Yards Heavy Gang Electrical Journeyman.   Isreba is a former Caregiver {either financially, physically, or both} for the struggles against Alzheimer's disease for her mother and three of her biological family members and has assisted with encouraging and supporting with knowledge and experience others whose family members were facing the same arduous long rocky road. 

  "Isreba Wheeler's Educational Ride"  

       Isreba completed her education for Electrical Journeyman with Amtrak under the Department of Labor. She is still a card-carrying Universal HVAC member from her work while under "The Heavy Gang" in Sunnyside Yards, NY. Later on in her life and up to the present, Isreba has completed her education at Herzing University with a 3.25 GPA and an Associate's Degree in Medical Billing and Coding and is zeroing in on her graduation date for her educational completion at Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing/Fiction, by the end of 2020. Isreba is a part of the NSLS Honor Society and has made the President's List during her stay at both educational facilities. Isreba Wheeler is 56 years young to date.  It is after her career as an electrician, Isreba donned the Nom de Plume, Hope Syndreamz, and began on her travels as a self-published author.  

 "The Birth of  Children's Books by Hope Syndreamz"  

       Hope Syndreamz has loved writing ever since she was in elementary school. At that time, she was into poetry and won a few poetry contests in both Elementary and Junior High school, but she had an innate passion for storytelling. Later, Hope joined the staff of ten artists, writers, illustrators, inkers, and pencilers, as the Executive Editor for “Gritz & Gravy magazine” which is where, once they disbanded, she found a passion for his art, and thus kidnapped her children’s book’s Illustrator, Sky Owens, with whom she created "Dumplinz Book Publishing." Together, they have embarked on a wonderful ride of illustrating, writing, and bouncing ideas off of one another's imagination. 

       With the help of Hope's main character, Amir, Hope wants to bring morals, illumination, education, and fun back into the eyes of our children; to open up their mind's eye and help them recapture the essence of imagination. Hope Syndreamz’ published books include five self-published children’s books, to date:

“I Love My Hoodie”


“Amo A Mi Hoodie” {Spanglish Version of  "I Love My Hoodie}

“I’m Proud Of My Dad” 


“The Little Wire Hanger In The Closet” 


“Amir’s First Haircut” 

{Her newest Children's book title, printing soon, is entitled...} 

“I’m Here Too” 


 "Hope Syndreamz Opens The Door for Young Adults"


       This adventure into Young Adult Literature is one she dreamt of for a long time, never wanting to exclude them from her literary journey.  Now! Her dream is coming true right before her very eyes!  Hope has written several stories, but was reluctant to pursue the publishing of them...that is until now.  Hope has completed and has stored up a variety of titles under her sleeves, but one, in particular, is soon to print in the next few months. Hope's Genre is Fiction/non-fiction and at times...a new genre she calls, "Life's Lessons".  Within the pages of life's lessons, this genre unfolds lessons she has learned in the form of a story in order to drive home the point of the lessons she has learned.  This genre is more than non-fiction since it is wrapped up in a fictional story in order to open the eyes of young adults everywhere by reading a story with which only they can identify.

 "Mama Used To Say

    Please go to                            to learn more about this upcoming collection of Short Stories...

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"Let's Play 5 Questions!"


  When did you first realize you loved writing, and want to be an author?

     When I was in Elementary school, I used to write poetry. Then in Junior High School, I wrote short stories.  My classmates loved my stories so much, and I loved so much to see the excitement on their faces while they read them, I knew that I had to write more. 

  What do you like to write best, Children's stories, or Young Adult stories? 

     I love to write both for different reasons.  I love writing Children's stories because I hope to awaken the imagination in the minds of children the world over. So they won't spend so much time on technological video games, that kidnap all of their attention; I want to return them to the wonderful world of reading and writing. 

       I love writing Young Adult stories because life is all about learning life's lessons, if only we knew where to look.  They are all around us.  Every rule is written in someone's blood, meaning regrettably, someone had to make a deadly mistake in order for awareness of that action to become a rule. I don't believe everyone has to hit a brick wall to know that it is there. So, I hope to inspire the Young Adults of today to listen before they leap, look both ways before they cross the roads of life, and to think before they act while trying to exist in this vast world.  

  Have you ever traveled outside of the United States? 

      I love to travel. Seeing the world is one of the sweetest slices of life.  You learn that there is more to life than a few feet beyond your stoop.  You learn that people are different in other countries and treat you differently in their world because their desires and dreams have nothing to do with those living in your world.  Some people are merely trying to survive, and be happy, and thus ideals like racism and prejudice, and bullying.  However, and on the other end of that coin lives togetherness, everyone raised and respected by one village, and greetings like, "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon," and "Good evening are expected. " 


       You will notice the way the other parts of the world smell, feel, taste, and sound, on the other side of the street.  That's right.  all you have to do is cross to the other side of the street and keep going until you are in another country.  It's that easy.  I encourage everyone to travel.  It's the best thing ever.

  Are you righthanded or lefthanded?

      I am ONE out of  THREE people in my family who is lefthanded.  My father was lefthanded, as is one of my nephews, and one of my great-nieces.  They were and are very talented individuals; thinking on the opposite side of their brain as they do. 


       My father was great at photography, an electrician, and great at drawing.  My nephew loves to draw as well. My great-niece is blessed with a bunch of talents, especially writing. 

  What is your favorite color/colors?

My favorite three colors are, "Red Black and White."

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