"Chat Room"

To my Young Adults:   

       This is the true chat room for you to chat about the stories I upload, your favorite music and or tracks, and the newest played and favorited video games. I will create certain games to be played on this page, so as to keep you entertained. Please let me know how I did, and if you have any suggestions about the gameplay. I will seek out games from developers to incorporate them onto this page so as to allow for such already familiar gameplay. It is here where I will pose questions about my stories to invoke your opinion and learn if my ideas mesh with your viewpoint. It is important for me to learn of your likes and dislikes so as to determine if I am on the right track.

"I do not own the rights to this song, or video, nor do I claim any rights to them."                                                                                                          -Isreba Wheeler 

(Tones And I)

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