"Mama Used To Say

       The intertwined collection of short stories in this book centers around life's unavoidable experiences of a young girl, Afwi; her choices and decisions while growing up, which are rerouted due to her lack of concern over the priceless words of encouragement, support, and hindsight, wrapped up within the various phrases that her, "Mama Used To Say."  Afwi learns her lessons too late, for the most part, due to her ability to realize the epiphany of her mother's words only after they smack her upside her pretty head. The lessons she learns spill over onto the life experiences of some of her friends, other characters in her life, and seep into the pages of these short stories.  

      The lessons Afwi endures are hard, some are harsh, and one almost kills her.  Her realization that her mother was not trying to control, but to warn her, comes at a very heavy price.  


       This story is much likened to all of Hope Syndreamz' books and carries with it a plethora of morals for the Young Adults reading her books, in order to help guide them on their journey through life.  "No one said life 'Has' to be hard; that decision is up to you." - Hope Syndreamz.  

Afwi then...
Afwi now.

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Harlem brownstone steps with young Afwi.
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"I do not own the rights to this song, or video, nor do I claim any rights to them."                                                                                                          -Isreba Wheeler 

(Tones And I)

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"The Little Wire Hanger In The Closet"