"Hope's Mission!"

      Hope Syndreamz mission is to enlighten and open the minds and hearts of Young Adults the world over. It saddens Hope to know that the Digital Age has taken such a tight hold on the imagination of Young Adults.  Throughout all of life's hardships, their ability to sit and write down their feelings, dreams, and aspirations is something that has all but vanished.  Hope aspires to create a safe haven for Young Adults, encouraging them to read her works, with the incentive to write their works as well. 

    Furthermore, her Hopes and Dreams {the true pronunciation of -> Hope Syndreamz} is for Young Adults to not feel alone, forgotten, neglected, or dismissed. Her mission is to give them a place in which they can feel free to express themselves, via chats, debates, discussions, discoveries; to relax, to relate to one another, and last but never least…to read my uploaded stories.

Hope's words... 

     "When it comes to the hearts of our Young Adults, it seems as if the art of reading and/or writing what is on one's mind is almost extinct. It seems as if Digital Technology has all but turned them into walking cyborgs, constantly glaring at games both on their handheld devices and their computer monitors at home. Necks constantly bent; heads constantly bowed, and life constantly passing them by.  Although we find ourselves wading waist-high in the digital ocean of the computer age, the art of reading is not dead. They must know this. The art of reading and/or writing must not die. And, as authors, teachers. parents, and grandparents...We Must Never Let It Die." - Hope Syndreamz