To my Young Adults:

​       This page is dedicated to the moments in your life when you just need a place to let off some steam, hence the word, Sizzle. I want this to be a certain type of chat room. Not the normal chat room within this website, but a different feel, so you can make your way here and talk amongst yourselves without reservation. To be able to discuss your education, your teachers/Professors, joys or sorrows over your fellow students, bullying, or school clubs, or assignments with which you may need assistance. A new place to vent, instead of doing so on a rather large and vulnerable social media platform. A place where you can congregate; here in the privacy of your own space. 

   While researching the likes and dislikes of my beautiful Young Adults of today, I was reminded of the life lessons associated with the everyday life you must come to know.  Allow me to start off this Sizzle with a bit of life lessons for those of you stopping by on your way to the Chat Room.

   "New Directions For Young Adults" pinpoints various management skills Young Adults may want to master while embarking on their journey into Adulthood in 2020. Please allow me to share them with you. 

    "Managing Your Time is the most important aspect of a Young Adult’s life. True independence demands your mastery of time management.  Getting up on your own for school, and/or work; getting to school , and/or work on-time; planning your day as to divide your time evenly, makes for completed assignments both in school and life.

    Managing Your Money is the second most important life lesson all Young Adults must master. Living in a world of technology has more than tripled the possibility of identity hijacking and or theft. Learning to control your monies is a great way to ward off criminals, and to invest in yourselves for the future. Also, independently knowing how to read your paystub, procuring a savings account, and a checking account, how to balance a checkbook, how-to weekly budget, so you aren’t habitually living paycheck to paycheck, and how to avoid credit-card debt is essential to your life lessons.

     Getting From Here to There is quite important. It provides an opportunity to get off your front stoop and see the rest of the wide world.  However, learning how to travel in your city and state is the first step. Some Young Adults have their driver’s license and a strong desire to hit the road. Basic auto-mechanics is always the first set of knowledge a roadster must learn and master. The ability to repair you own vehicle not only saves time, it saves money. Independently remembering and preparing for road-side assistance keeps the tow truck away.

    Things like; changing a tire, using jumper cables, changing sparkplugs, and always storing emergency items in the trunk are a must for every roadster. But when the need for professional maintenance is unavoidable, it is important to have insured roadside assistance, saved as a contact favorite.  Non-drivers need to understand the transportation system in your city and state. Knowing how to get to a destination via the ability to read and understand all types of bus, train, and geographical maps will help to avoid lateness.

  Communicating With Others is not the same as texting, WYD.  While attempting to schedule medical appointments, a reservation at a restaurant, complaining to a political professional, or speaking to other professionals, cutting corners in speech is fine, when it’s you and your friends.  But using your jargon with professionals causes them to possibly undermine your sense of urgency and/or maturity. Mastering solid phone skills is a must. This is also true when speaking about one’s skills and experience at an interview. The foundation of a great interview is the ability to speak with fluidity.

     Maintaining Your Environment is important and a true sign of your arrival into mature adulthood.  Knowing how to wash clothes both in a laundromat, and at home is a must for maintaining clean attire. Knowing how to iron all items of clothing is also essential to maintaining a clean and neat appearance. Actions as simple as when to take out trash, how to keep insects and rodents out of your living space, locking up while in and leaving your space of dwelling, and providing safe places for your keys is a sure way to maintain a well-kept home.

    Healthcare and Self-Care may seem like a moved point, since the world’s idea of bacterial and viral health-traps against the body of a Young Adult is looked upon as impenetrable. Your invincible system; stronger than most; with bounce-back-ability faster than normal humankind is what keeps you from contracting serious diseases, viruses and bacterial bodily shutdowns.  But you would be wrong. 


    While some Young Adults might sometimes think they’re invincible, taking care of your physical well-being is a major part of independent adulthood. This demands making and keeping appointments with your dentist, your primary physician, and your ENT (Ears-Nose-Throat) professionals.


    Self-Care reinforces your mind and well-being. This also means a proper diet of feeding, fortifying, and fueling your body from the inside out.  That type of self-care protects your body from free radicals, and other avoidable diseases.  It also promotes a healthy mind not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well" (Rubin).